Summer 2020

Innovations Presents SU20 Collection, Streetscape

Streetscape captures the eclectic design and personality seen in city style, from offbeat streetwear to stunning skyscraper silhouettes. The SU20 collection features nine new wallcoverings and the reintroduction of two longstanding classics.

With isolation striking the heart of cities everywhere, big or small, this collection offers some escapism, a vehicle to transport us back to the bustling streets and picturesque skylines that foster the lifestyle that inspired these products.

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Spring 2020

Innovations Launches SP20 Collection, Flora & Fauna

Introducing Innovations' first wallcovering collection of the decade, Flora & Fauna. Pairing striking florals and tempting textures, this spotlight-stealing collection nods to Spring 2020 catwalks in New York, Paris and Milan.

Based in New York City, the Innovations Design Studio understands the longing for green oases and environments that inspire natural decompression. These remixed spring silhouettes include hand-drawn prints and lavish textures that nod to the ultimate inspiration, Mother Earth.

Twelve exotic wallcoverings explore lush tropics with lively textures, edgy florals and sophisticated animal prints.

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Fall 2019

Innovations Launches FA19 Collection, Living In Geometry

Transforming simple shapes into art, this new collection of wallcoverings features precise yet approachable prints softened by visual movement and welcoming textures.

Inspired by the Bauhaus movement, the Living in Geometry collection uses clean lines and community-forward design to offer wallcoverings that enrich modern interiors.With an appreciation for the building blocks of artisanal trade - wood, denim, metal and utilitarian materials alike - the Innovations Design Studio applied inventive treatments to classic materials. Designed with textural detail and oscillating movement, these new products engineer color and shape to form prints that value style and function.

The FA19 collection includes 10 new wallcoverings, fresh recolored palettes for Innovations classics Origami and Nautilus, and a matte faux leather upholstery.

From bold to balanced, these new products couple functionality with casual elegance. Living in Geometry offers products that add modern flare to time-honored textures suitable for walls, ceilings and other interior surfaces.

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Summer 2019

Innovations Unveils Summer 2019 Collection

Introducing Divine Proportions, the Design Studio’s intuitive response to the rise in geometric-leaning design.

New York City (May 2019) — Contemporary shapes and unexpected textures lead product development in Innovations’ new collection, Divine Proportions. Perception of beauty derives from organic patterns and geometric rule; these 11 alluring wallcoverings analyze the connection between natural surroundings and mathematical proportions.

Cobra, a large-scale reptile pattern, serves as a sculptural focal point in the collection. While Lattice, a non-woven redolent of Lisbon’s azulejos tilework, summarizes the beauty between mathematical rule and customary color work. Murals, Vandal and Motley, showcase the achievable elegance of everchanging patterns and bold prints. Vector, Gobi and Ripple, three Type II vinyls, spotlight versatile texture with off-kilter patterns and artistic class.

The collection’s rich colors and bold prints are complimented with youthful palettes and organic patterns like Campello, an earthy natural-woven, and Spalt, a flame stitch textile wallcovering. The calming lines of Mazarin, a metallic cork, and the understated beauty of Hemlock, a modern ombre, satisfy the notion that ultra-sleek design doesn’t require complicated patterns.

These 11 new releases are accompanied by a recolor of two Innovations classics, Sumatra and Rangoon Silk. Mazarin, Spalt and Campello exemplify the compelling variety of geometric, organic, and bold patterns offered in the Divine Proportions Collection. Just as nature puts one at ease, these new wallcoverings adopt qualities that refuse to overcomplicate interior surfaces. Divine Proportions launches this June.

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HD Expo 2019

Experience Divine Proportions At The HD Expo

Preview Innovations’ Summer Collection, Divine Proportions, an exploration of organic geometry & mathematical modernism in wallcovering.

Innovations debuts new Summer Collection, Divine Proportions, at the Hospitality Design Expo May 15 – May 17 in Las Vegas. Influenced by the 2019 Color Direction, Innovations selected contemporary tones of Grey, Navy Blue and Forest Green to showcase the newest products from the Design Studio.

Lattice, a spirited non-woven inspired by the bright tilework of Lisbon, will serve as the centerpiece on display. Preview other staples from the Summer Collection --- Cobra, a laser cut leather-like wallcovering, Hemlock, a distressed wood and modern ombré wallcovering, Mazarin, a metallic accented cork wallcovering, Vandal, a three-panel mural and other carefully curated products ranging from rich fibered non-wovens to distressed geometric vinyls.

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Spring 2019

Innovations Reveals Spring 2019 Collection

Beauty Beneath, celebrates untouched beauty in an over-stimulated, tech-driven world.

New York City (February 2019) — The Design Studio stripped natural elements down to their essence, layering intention with innovative design. Inspired by raw textures and natural surfaces, this collection elevates organic beauty and repurposes it for the walls. Bereft of dramatic large-scale patterns, these designs coordinate color and texture to create essential building blocks for any interior space: residential, hospitality and contract walls.

Beauty Beneath features 10 products, each offering utilitarian textures and patterns that make a statement – 8 new products and a reintroduction of our essential vinyls, Mandalay and Macau. Influenced by the runway and interiors alike, the Spring 2019 Collection simplifies choice for designers with relevant, functional and technological choices. Furthermore, Beauty Beneath reveals the first look at our 2019 Color Direction. The color palette consisting of Warm & Cool Gray, Navy Blue and Forest Green, is best embraced in Splice SPL-003, Forest.

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January 2019

Innovations’ 2019 Color Direction

The Design Studio names Warm & Cool Gray, Navy Blue and Forrest as their leading influence for product development in 2019. Non-traditional neutrals will anchor neon and metallic accents as they exit the runway and enter the realm of interiors.

“We watched celebrities and style icons embrace dramatic fluorescents, as they unapologetically introduced color in their everyday wardrobe. Pairing these intimidating hues with a muted family of non-traditional neutrals allows our product line the same freedom to play with vibrant color without hesitation,” said Daniela Guarin, Product Designer.

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November 2018

Immersion Wallcovering from Innovations

Texture, both physical and implied, shapes the fall collection from Innovations. Among new materials like raised surface printing and expandable resin are wallcoverings with evocative visual textures:

“The idea is that texture, either physical or implied, can transport you to a moment in time,” says VP of Sales Michael Freedman. “IMMERSION does that for me. The texture, the look and the feel are exactly how I remember B’loonies, and it brings me back to childhood.”

Immersion’s layers of texture, metallic and matte, express the playfulness and pure joy of bubbles. The 48-inch wide and 31-inch high pattern pops off the wall, making the two-dimensional seem three dimensional. A Type II vinyl, Immersion comes in six usable colorways for expressive hospitality, contract and residential walls.

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October 2018

Innovations Focuses on Texture for Fall

The fall collection of wallcoverings from Innovations is a tactile experience. Novel textures like raised surface printing, soft expandable resin and wood veneers satisfy the need to touch. Designed to enhance residential, hospitality and contract interiors, the 11 new patterns create unique and memorable walls.

Part of Innovations’ tactile new collection, FACET evokes the meticulously handcrafted surfaces of a bygone era. A rich juxtaposition of matte and metallic, the tessellation of natural wood veneers with a foil underlay has classic appeal with a Deco edge. The 36-inch wallcovering comes in a palette of nine colorways shot through with copper, gold and silver accents.

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August 2018

Innovations’ Linen Inspires New Vinyl Wallcovering

The Innovations Design Studio modeled their newest Type II vinyl wallcovering after a linen texture already in the line. The perfect addition to a collection that juxtaposes natural and manmade, vinyl Quarzo shares the same texture as its inspiration Marmo with a digitally enhanced palette.

Named for the natural veining of quartz, QUARZO captures the ghostly shades left by a hand-applied wall finish the moment before it dries. The 54-inch, Type II vinyl wallcovering comes in 12 colorways, including natural “nail polish” colors like terracottas and silty stones. Quarzo is made in the USA using Innovations’ phthalate-free vinyl formula.

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August 2018

Bold New Botanical Draperies at Innovations

The Innovations Design Studio tailored this summer’s new sheers and draperies for residential applications. A complement to Innovations’ current collection of architectural patterns, the new botanicals go bold with color and scale while embracing fashion trends.

“The launch of these new draperies and sheers is an extension of our summer collection of wallcoverings, the Natural + Manmade collection,” said VP of Sales Michael Freedman. “It’s taking natural inspiration and blowing it up to an unnatural scale while playing with the colors and a wide range of techniques.”

The new patterns share an organic, fashion-forward aesthetic in a variety of double-width constructions for every application: a solid sheer (MINERALS), printed sheers (PARADIS, VERDEN), a semi-sheer pattern (EUCALYPTUS) and a dim-out drapery (VERDEN NOIR).

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July 2018

Lacebark From Innovations

Exploring the friction between natural and manmade led the Innovations Design Studio to new techniques for their summer collection of wallcoverings.

“The processes we use and how things are made is an important component of the collection,” said Innovations executive Michael Freedman. “It was crucial that we look beyond traditional patterns and materials for new manufacturing processes. LACEBARK is the perfect example.”

An innovative laser cutting technique creates Lacebark’s memorable texture, an allover organic pattern modeled after exfoliating trees. When cut at various depths, the silky textile surface reacts with a proprietary pigment, bonding to its non-woven substrate and revealing shades of color. The 51-inch statement wallcovering comes in five colorways.

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June 2018

Summer Collection From Innovations

Design Studio’s new wallcoverings juxtapose Natural + Manmade

Innovations’ summer collection juxtaposes traditional patterns with modern techniques, natural with manmade. The best of both, the new wallcoverings—like JUXTAPOSE—combine nature’s inspiration with materials that offer practical, contract-level performance.

Juxtapose pairs nature’s crystallinity with artistic specks of paint, sharp and soft. Colorful highlights and a large repeat—achieved with a modern dye sublimation and heat transfer technique—evoke the wallcovering’s mineral inspiration, while an iridescent textile surface softens the angular shards of the 39 inch wide pattern. Juxtapose comes in ten colorways, a palette of neutrals and sophisticated primary colors.

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April 2018

Vinyl Alternative for Cork, New to Innovations

Fluid, organic forms and colors shape Innovations’ spring collection of wallcoverings, including an intricately embossed, Type II vinyl alternative for cork. New wallcovering Alentejo reflects the essence of Innovations’ stunning cork veneers in a durable, affordable alternative for hospitality and contract interiors.

The Innovations Design Studio created cork-alternative Alentejo as a reflection of their signature Gilded Cork wallcovering. A softly iridescent surface and organic, tactile hand mimic the original’s metallic leaf and natural cork surface. The 54-inch wide, Type II vinyl is available in 15 sophisticated neutrals that conjure the Portuguese countryside and its native cork oaks.

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March 2018

Innovations Unveils New Mural

Flowing from nature’s inspiration into art, Innovations’ spring collection covers every scale, microfiber to mural, in exclusive patterns designed for residential, hospitality and contract walls. The collection includes the Innovations Design Studio’s first mural, Cosmos, a visual metaphor for infinite possibility.

“We’ve taken the personal, profound and profoundly humbling experience of looking into the sky and created a work of art,” said VP of Sales Michael Freedman. “Cosmos folds up the sky and unfolds it into separate planes–like the Surrealists’ exquisite corpse drawings. The material itself, a durable cotton and cellulose textile, is reminiscent of artist canvas.”

Cosmos comes in four 37 ½-inch panels that, installed side-by-side, cover a space 12 feet high and wide and can be extended horizontally for vast installations.

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February 2018

Innovations Welcomes Spring Collection

The spring collection from Innovations flows from nature’s inspiration into art. Fluid forms and colors, shaped by the Innovations Design Studio’s creative process and the materials themselves, evoke a journey through water and space. The new wallcoverings cover every scale, including large-scale Geode, for residential, hospitality and contact walls.

A new twist on Innovations’ signature fabric-faced vinyl, Geode plays with the popular motif of a geode, folding and unfolding it like the Surrealists’ exquisite corpse, an exercise in creating distinct yet interconnected drawings. The 50-inch wallcovering’s two yards of vertical repeat create instant impact with a reflective surface and whimsical touches of jewel tones. Geode comes in four colorways with a durable Type II construction.

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January 2018

Innovations’ 2018 Color Direction

The Innovations Design Studio has selected complementary colors Cognac and Azure and neutral Carrara to guide their product development in 2018. Rather than one color of the year, the new direction focuses on how colors and materials play off each other in an interior.

“Pairing complementary colors together can be edgy and bold, but there are also usable tones that work well together,” said Michael Freedman, VP of Sales. “The Cognac and Azure colors we’re developing are richer versions of the pastels we’re seeing in fashion, more like the hues you’d find in nature. To bring out the contrast between the two, we’re highlighting them with the elegant white of Carrara.”

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November 2017

Innovations Showed Fall Collection at BDNY

Innovations displayed their fall collection in a gallery-like setting at Boutique Design New York. Custom, oversized frames of new wallcoverings like Botanica, Yosemite, Watercolor and Labyrinth – all in rich shades of Sangria, Innovations’ 2017 Color of the Year–captured the attention of record-breaking crowds at the trade fair.

“The BDNY show has without doubt become the premier hospitality show in the United States, if not worldwide,” said VP of Sales Michael Freedman. “We saw designers from every corner of the U.S. and from Australia and Europe. As New Yorkers, BDNY is a unique opportunity for us to host the design community in our home city; we have a special connection to the show.”

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November 2017

Innovations’ Vinyl Alternative for Linen

Innovations’ fall collection borrows from nature and brings it into the interior realm, literally and representationally. Beyond natural materials, the Innovations Design Studio took inspiration from existing wallcoverings, developing vinyl alternatives that make biophilic design more accessible.

Embossed, Type II vinyl Mangrove offers the natural look of linen in an affordable, durable alternative. The 54-inch, canvas-like wallcovering–and its raised “yarns” in tailored, vertical stripes–evokes the outdoor glamping adventures of an Indian safari. Mangrove is available in a neutral and navy palette of 12 colorways.

Along with Mangrove, Innovations’ recent introductions propose vinyl wallcovering lookalikes for stone (Yosemite) and variegated sisal (Prairie). All are durable, affordable solutions for commercial, hospitality and residential environments.

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October 2017

Nature Inspires Innovations Design Studio

The fall collection of wallcoverings from Innovations borrows from nature, embracing biophilia with found materials and durable, affordable vinyl alternatives with a natural aesthetic.

“There’s a dialogue between what we create and what Mother Nature creates for us–if you allow yourself to see it,” says VP of Sales Michael Freedman. “It’s important to have an open eye, to open yourself up to the world around you and the beauty of nature and what nature designs.”

New, natural wallcovering Botanica weaves together paperboard strips of hand-pressed, skeletonized leaves. The 36-inch wallcovering suggests a journey through the forest at blurring speeds in six seasonal colorways: fall’s blazing red, winter white and fresh, lush greens.

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July 2017

Innovations Goes Beyond the Wall

Innovations’ draperies and sheers complete the room. The award-winning collection of 16 patterns, relaunched and expanded this summer with 80 new colorways, addresses the full range of design needs: solid sheers, dim-out draperies, texture and large-scale designs.

“Our draperies and sheers are the perfect complement to our wallcovering; with both, Innovations offers solutions for the complete vertical plane,” says VP of Sales Michael Freedman. The textiles are all fire-retardant, woven with combinations of FR polyester and Trevira CS; and most are double-width, up to 130 inches wide for floor-to-ceiling installations.

The comprehensive collection launched at NeoCon and was recognized with the Best of NeoCon 2017 Gold Award for product excellence.

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