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Inspired wallcovering that goes beyond the surface

At Innovations, we craft inspired wallcoverings that reflect our passion for authentic design. In our nearly 50-year history, we have experimented with materials, techniques, and textures to develop unique wallcoverings that breathe new life into interior spaces. Our timeless designs enhance any environment, be it a private home or luxury hotel, and strike the perfect balance between beauty and purpose. A love of color and texture has led us to styles that go beyond the surface, adding layer and dimension to the wall.

history of Innovations in Wallcovering

For half a century we have mastered the art of blending visionary ideas with craftmanship and simplicity to create new icons of timeless design. Throughout, we have developed many firsts in the industry and are always in search of ways to innovate and inspire.

history of Innovations in Wallcovering
Our story


A rich history that spans two generations

Innovations is a family owned and operated company, now in our second generation under the leadership of President Alex Mayer. When Alex’s father Rudy Mayer founded Innovations in 1975, he was driven by a passion for design, an unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality products, and a focus on fostering relationships with designers and clients. We have stayed true to these values since day one.

Our story

Rudy led Innovations from the bold patterns of the 1970s through the drama of foils and development of materials that we continue to develop, with new techniques, today. Rudy’s son and daughters grew up in the company, immersed in the culture, and Alex became president in 2023. The second generation brings new energy and a fresh point of view backed by a deep understanding and unwavering dedication to Rudy’s vision.


Designed and developed in the heart of SoHo

Our roots are in the capital of the design world nearly 50 years ago, and we have remained on the pulse of groundbreaking product development since our first collection. Located in the heart of SoHo in New York City, our design team collaborates with experts in their crafts around the world to produce the finest possible products focusing on materials and tactility. Quality and craftsmanship are at the core of each product we design. We incorporate traditional handmade techniques with the latest technology to create wallcoverings that are beautiful, functional, and made to last.

We are constantly searching for what is next. We use materials in new and unexpected ways to create industry-leading styles that set new standards for authentic design.

Whether you are looking for a statement wallcovering crafted of specialty materials or a Type II vinyl in an array of colors and textures, Innovations delivers style and substance with timeless designs that elevate any space. We even offer custom design services to help you create the project of your dreams.

Our story Our story
history of Innovations in Wallcovering