Summer 2022 Press Release

Innovations Presents SU22 Collection, Natura

Bordado BRD-04 Jones

The Natura Collection of wallcoverings, new from Innovations, connects the natural environment with interiors in a rich textural landscape.
New York City

(June 2022)

Innovations’ summer collection of wallcoverings, the Natura Collection, evokes the textures of the natural world. Using familiar biomorphic forms — reptile skin, tree bark, an insect wing — and fresh techniques, the 10 wallcoverings of Natura touch on nature in a new way.

Innovations experimented with a variety of embossing techniques for Natura. An experimental process (laying thick cellulose yarns on a non-woven backing, then pressing a viscose textile over them) brings the flowing contours of Soutache into subtle relief. With its slubby, silk-like fabric face and soft emboss, the unique textile wallcovering references earth lines and movement with a luxurious feel.

At the same grand scale, Bordado is a modern tapestry, a mural with over five feet (65 inches) of vertical repeat and a compelling presence on the wall. The textile wallcovering's rhythmic lines are woven on a jacquard loom with a unique yarn trio: a hand dip-dyed viscose raffia, a single-ply cotton yarn and a polyester warp. Subtle tonal and textural shifts between the yarns create an embossing effect with warmth and dimension.

Other tactile surfaces in the collection use traditional processes with unique materials to create dimension. In a subtle, elegant take on crocodile, the lustrous, two-tone textile surface of Crok is deeply embossed with a heavy roller, the type typically used to imprint thick, supple leather. For Pleated Suede, a luxurious suede is gathered in thick, organic folds that create sweeping vertical movement, rich dimension, and a seamless installation.

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Alis ALI-004 Blue Emperor

In Natura, nature’s microstructures are captured in visual textures like Chevron Cork. Made by strategically layering and cutting cork bark until it can be sliced into thin sheets with a petite chevron pattern, the cork wallcovering has a beautiful texture — almost fern-like with its imperfect symmetry and subtle movement.

Type II vinyl wallcovering Miza has an organic, mottled texture reminiscent of tree bark; and like tree bark, when the pattern comes into focus, it’s a puzzle of broken lines and shifting forms. New cork wallcovering Birchbark also achieves a tree bark-like pattern through printing. Thin slices of cork bark (a sustainably produced, renewable material) are first laminated to a metallic foil, then over-dyed and printed in three layers of color for an allover natural texture.

Inspired by the intricacy and iridescence of a dragonfly’s wing, Alis — or “wings” in Latin — explores one of nature’s most recognizable geometric structures in an elevated Type II vinyl wallcovering. Subtle enough to be used as a texture, the distinct small-scale pattern of Alis draws from observation of nature in its most minute detail.

Reflecting nature’s color palette, Natura highlights this season’s serene grey-green alongside complementary desert tones and warm sky blues. The color direction is most apparent in the expansive palettes of Intersection — a new elevated Type II vinyl wallcovering with a crosshatched texture and subtle emboss — and Arpora, a Type II vinyl that replicates the look of woven grasscloth through highly detailed embossing. Now offered in a bright, fresh palette of 20 colorways, 11 new for summer, Arpora has an authentic look and feel that make it one of Innovations’ most popular wallcoverings.

With fresh colors, patterns and techniques, Innovations’ SU22 Natura Collection of 10 wallcoverings connects the natural environment with interiors in a rich textural landscape.

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