Fall 2020 Press Release

Innovations Presents FA20 Collection, Harmony

Serenity SER-05 Aero

More than ever, we yearn for calming textures and colors to fill our homes and soften the transition as we redefine our interior space.
New York City (November 2020)

From an apartment, to a house or a single room, the word “home” has become so much more than a place to live. Our homes have become a place for us to learn, laugh, and work. Inspired by the new normal, Innovations created the Harmony collection; from the soft, sophisticated palette of Fika to the touchable weave of Sonder, this collection embodies the need for beauty and versatility within interiors. The Harmony collection features 9 new wallcoverings and the recolorization of our timeless pattern, Saigon. From playrooms to boardrooms, these new wallcoverings provide the perfect backdrop for today’s multi-functioning spaces.

Within its range of textures and colorways, every aspect of the Harmony collection was developed with versatility in mind. An elaborate woven that illustrates the complexities of life, Sonder has a dynamic palette that runs from traditional to transitional. Pixel, which has the look and feel of a dimensional textile in a Type II vinyl, can foster a sense of serenity or exuberance depending on the colorway. For people looking to design a relaxed atmosphere, Canvas is detailed paper weave with a tightly woven structure and a casual color palette that is ideal for the ever-evolving interiors of today.

 If a quiet haven is the goal, the Harmony collection has a great selection of textures and hues to complement this style. Created to evoke tranquility and balance, cozy Fika embodies the feeling of the Swedish ritual of togetherness with small flecks of color woven together to create a cozy heathered look. Another peaceful design, Serenity provides a quiet elegance to any room with a delicate open weave laminated on pastel paper that glistens ever so slightly. The muted colorways of Cinder, combined with its inviting pattern and shimmering metallic accents, emphasize the beauty of balance within interiors. A vinyl interpretation of a painted grass cloth, Saigon is available in matte and pearlescent finishes to create a soothing atmosphere with timeless style.

For those with wanderlust who crave the escape of the great outdoors and travel, Petals brings the inherent beauty of nature indoors as a grass cloth dressed in a sophisticated and serene mid-scale print. Inspired by European travels, Volute is a modern-day fresco with ornate brushstrokes that is printed on cork and Keramos celebrates the colors and designs of Grecian pottery in a large-scale geometric print on a natural woven.

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Petals PET-03 Mila

Whether you’re creating a space that embraces versatility, evokes peace or inspires wanderlust, the Harmony collection offers a diverse palette of colors and inspired textures to elevate your space. Experience the Harmony collection.











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