Fall 2021 Press Release

Innovations Presents FA21 Collection, Élan

Strata STA-06 Carbon

The Élan Collection of wallcoverings inspires movement for the wall and for interiors — movement with style, energy and élan.
New York City (October 2021)

Innovations’ new collection expresses enthusiasm and passion, a collective energy to create, to experience and to color with élan. Inspired by artisan techniques and the organic textures they create, the ten wallcoverings in the Élan Collection — nine new wallcoverings and a fresh color palette of popular linen wallcovering Denmark —bring movement to the wall and to interiors. 

For fall 2021, Innovations’ design team explored processes and combinations of techniques to create unique and new materials for the wall. Radiant Cork, for example, repurposes cork by products; Intaglio is made with hand-applied metal leaf; and Macrame’s intricate layering took years to develop.Wallcoverings like these reflect Innovations’ design process and passion for creating.

A first for Innovations, Intaglio’s surface is solid metal leaf. To create this stunning wallcovering, delicate sheets of metal leaf are applied to a paper backing, then hand screen printed with color and a geometric pattern. Originally inspired by a textile that had been crushed and reopened, Intaglio resembles an etching that hasbeen magnified to a usable mid scale.

Macrame, the epitome of craft, layers materials and techniques into an intricate, tactile surface. Thick cellulose yarns, laid in overlapping wave patterns, are stitched to a ground of linear cotton yarns; this dense, three-dimensional material is then dyed and cut into wide strips that are reassembled into a chevron-like pattern. With geometric movement at every scale, Macrame is gorgeous on the wall.

Beyond technique, the new patterns in the Élan Collection embrace organic, fluid design elements. From the exquisitely tactile pleats of Bustle and fine ripples of textile wallcovering Verve to the visual textures of elevated Type II vinyl wallcoverings Arrugas and Rift, lines are blurred and geometric patterns softened. 

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Intaglio INT-08 Graphite

On a grand scale, Strata layers color in an expansive pattern with almost three feet of vertical repeat. The specialty wallcovering’s fibrous substrate, which incorporates ground mica for a fine texture and subtle iridescence, absorbs color well. When digitally printed, Strata’s linear pattern blurs on the surface like water color brushstrokes, an effect especially obvious with blue colorways Moonstone and Carbon. Soothing earth tones like these allow Strata to blend with its environment in an effortless way.

In the spirit of reopening, of moving outdoors and bringing nature indoors, the colors of the Élan Collection trend toward earth tones, blues and greens. Innovations’ popular linen wallcovering Denmark, notably, was recolored for fall with four soft new shades. This fresh palette gives all of the wallcoverings a fresh, warm, and welcoming feeling. 

Innovations’ Élan Collection also shows how natural colors can be used in unconventional ways. Beyond traditional wood tones, Woodgrain incorporates unique blue and green colorways that invite designers to explore. The Type II vinylwallcovering's horizontal wood pattern has matching seams, a technically complicated feat because of its intricacy and color variation. First roller printed, then embossed for a soft-touch feel, Woodgrain makes a touchable statement wall withsweeping movement.

Beyond color, beyond technique, the ten wallcoverings in Innovations’ FA21 ÉlanCollection inspire movement for the wall and for interiors — movement with style,energy and élan.




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