Spring 2022 Press Release

Innovations Presents SP22 Collection, Focal Point

Yakisugi YAK-01 Powder

The Focal Point collection of wallcoverings explores connection, the moments where all elements converge.
New York City (February 2022)

Innovations’ spring collection draws the eye — and the attention of the room. The nine wallcoverings in the Focal Point collection celebrate the concept of connection, connecting dots and lines and materials and techniques in inspiring ways.

Connecting old and new, Focal Point revisits traditional natural materials with contemporary techniques. Standout pattern Illusion, for example, is embossed with metallic foil on a hand-applied wood veneer surface in a stunning combination of materials and techniques. Using the most basic mark, the dot, to suggest larger geometric forms, Illusion’s vertical woodgrain and shimmering dot work coalesce in a one-of-a-kind wallcovering.

With this new collection, Innovations’ design team also pioneered a new technique for cork wallcoverings: laser cutting. To create Yakisugi, Innovations’ first laser cut cork wallcovering, sheets of natural cork are first laser cut, then backed with metallic foil. The process burns the material and creates a dark outline that inspired Yakisugi’s name, a reference to traditional Japanese charred cedar. A playful abstraction, the wallcovering explores line and connection in a gorgeous fluid pattern, the focal point of a space.

Like the dots of Illusion and lines of Yakisugi, the use of individual elements to create larger forms connects all the patterns in the collection: Beautifully dyed cellulose yarns, hand-placed and pressed onto a metallic foil, are the lines that form the chevron pattern of Reed. Laying each yarn individually creates natural irregularity on the wallcovering’s surface and in glimmers of light reflected from the metallic foil underneath. This novel technique creates sweeping vertical movement that appears seamless on the wall.

Organic, swirling lines add dimension to Contoured Suede, an embossed polyester and cellulose textile wallcovering that borrows a technique typically used for automobile upholstery. The construction makes Contoured Suede is a very usable and touchable suede for light-traffic hospitality and residential interiors.

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Contoured Suede CTS-05 Sea Mist

Taking inspiration from dot and line work in ancient mark-making, Innovations also developed patterns like Tulum, a digitally printed cork wallcovering that playful layers lines into arches, and Walden, a soft abstraction digitally printed on a luxurious metallic foil-backed silk substrate.

More subtle, timeless textures in the collection make color the focal point. Elevated Type II vinyl wallcovering Pointille, a soothing, two-tone texture with a stippling effect, and Montado, a new type of cork wallcovering made with narrow vertical strips with a distinct horizontal nature, embrace interior trends toward warm neutrals like buttercream, beige and taupe. Both offer color-forward, metallic palettes that complement the collection.

Overall, the Focal Point’s color direction is best reflected in Alchemy, Innovations’ signature wallcovering, now reinvented as a Type II vinyl. The timeless texture, a fibrous, non-woven fabric over a pearlescent vinyl substrate, is one that Innovations pioneered and has refined over the years. Again, connecting old and new, Innovations relaunches Alchemy this spring with Type II vinyl durability and an extended palette with 13 fresh new colorways.

With the relaunch of Alchemy and introduction of eight new wallcovering concepts, Innovations’ SP22 Focal Point collection creates statement walls, the moments where all elements converge.


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