Summer 2019 Press Release

Innovations Presents SU19 Collection, Divine Proportions

MAZ-07, SPA-05, CMP-07

Introducing Divine Proportions, the Design Studio's intuitive response to the rise in geometric-leaning design.
New York City (May 2019)

Contemporary shapes and unexpected textures lead product development in Innovations' new collection, Divine Proportions. Perception of beauty derives from organic patterns and geometric rule; these l l alluring wollcoverings analyze the connection between natural surroundings and mathematical proportions.

Cobra, a large-scale reptile pattern, serves as a sculptural focal point in the collection. While Lattice, a non­ woven redolent of Lisbon's ozulejos tilework, summarizes the beauty between mathematical rule and customary color work. Murals, Vandal and Motley, showcase the achievable elegance of everchonging patterns and bold prints. Vector, Gobi and Ripple, three Type II vinyls, spotlight versatile texture with off-kilter patterns and artistic class.

The collection's rich colors and bold prints ore complimented with youthful palettes and organic patterns like Campello, on earthy natural-woven, and Spalt, a flame stitch textile wollcovering. The calming lines of Mazarin, a metallic cork, and the understated beauty of Hemlock, a modern ombre, satisfy the notion that ultra-sleek design doesn't require complicated patterns.

Just as nature puts one at ease, these new wollcoverings adopt qualities that refuse to overcomplicate interior surfaces. Divine Proportions launches this June.

Cobra COB-02 Cape



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