Summer 2020 Press Release

Innovations Presents SU20 Collection, Streetscape

Rubik RUB-01 Tokaji

An interior celebration of exterior traditions, trends and transformations that coexist in city environments
New York City (July 2020) —

Streetscape captures the eclectic design and personality seen in city style, from

offbeat streetwear to stunning skyscraper silhouettes. The SU20 collection features nine new wallcoverings and the reintroduction of two longstanding classics.

With isolation striking the heart of cities everywhere, big or small, this collection offers some escapism, a vehicle to transport us back to the bustling streets and picturesque skylines that foster the lifestyle that inspired these products.

Empty avenues and pastel skies are reflected in the tranquil palettes and alluring textures of Province, a silk-like vinyl, and Rubik, a textile with monochromatic patchwork. Paparazzi flashes and classic architecture inspired avant glamour vinyl Plaza. City grids influenced the understated geometric pattern of Lane. Scintillating nightlife and the restless spirit that surrounds a “city that never sleeps” lifestyle inspired elevated approaches to ordinary materials like Aerial, a vivid large-scale geometric pattern on an interactive metallic cork composition.

The assortment of personalities and places occupying downtown districts pushed the designers to create patterns that capture the same energy. The atmosphere surrounding Innovations’ SoHo design studio showcases the diversity of city style, a blend of old and new with historic streets sporting Instagram influencers using stoops and empty avenues as photo shoot sets. The SU20 collection serves as a mood board for the places and experiences many are yearning for due to the new boundaries of social distancing. Fall in love with the cities and scenery that we call home with Streetscape.

Aerial AER-02 Prague
Aerial AER-02 Prague




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