Summer 2021 Press Release

Innovations Presents SU21 Collection, Elemental

Mantra MTR-03 Indra

The Elemental collection takes inspiration from natural elements - bringing moments of mindfulness to our surroundings with calming colors and soft textures.
New York City (June 2021)

Embrace the elements of nature to create relaxing spaces that start with the walls. The Elemental Collection introduces eight new wallcoverings along with fresh new color ways of our popular Tahiti and Edo Silk. From patterns inspired by Zen gardens,to calming lines and neutral naturals, each design works to cultivate a sense of tranquility and promote wellness within ourinteriors.

Wallcoverings such as Luna, Oasis, Bodhi, Pura and Mantra draw inspiration from the stylized grasses, water, and reflective beauty essential in Zen gardens. Luna is a large-scale pattern that features a circular form accentuated by painterly brushstrokes. This motif was inspired by the circle of infinity that is often compared to the bright, full moon and it's reflection on water. This Type II vinyl wallcovering creates a harmonious space with a strong timeless design that is both elevated and durable.

The movement of water in Zen gardens brings harmony between our busy daily lives and nature. A translucent, airy textile is draped over a metallic paper ground in Oasis. The spaces between intricate layers of double-woven fabric produce pockets of material, creating the illusion of running water. A painted ground beneath peeks through the surface offering moments of stillness and reflection, complete with an elegant color palette.

Often used to represent water, the rhythm of raked sand in Zen gardens inspired Bodhi. Linen yarns, intentionally left in their organic natural state, add dimension to Bodhi’s texture and plaid-like weave pattern. A timeless natural woven wallcovering, Bodhi’s technique and raw materials thoughtfully promote tranquility, bringing Zen indoors. Pura brings depth and dimension to a Type II vinyl wallcovering. An embossed linen-like texture and subtle layers of diamond weave and cross hatch patterns mimic the geometric gravel patterns found in Zen gardens. Pura is an elevated vinyl with timeless colorways and minimalistic design.

Inspired by the ornamental grasses that bring life and color to Zen gardens, Mantra plays with light and shadow, forming a pattern that emulates blades of grass. A laser-cutting technique applied to the polyester satin weave reveals a lustrous sheen and undeniable texture. This luxurious and durable textile wallcovering offers added depth with a bold palette ranging from warm neutrals to burgundy and beyond.

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Luna LUN-008 Hyrda

Alternating vertical strips of sustainable Paulownia wood veneer are arranged to create a subtle chevron pattern. Caprio utilizes a rift cut technique adding multidimensional design for a tailored wallcovering. A sophisticated palette includes soft shades from cream to black.Bringing natural elements indoors can help create a space for small moments of reflection.

Dojo is a classic natural woven wallcovering suitable for a variety of interior spaces. A cross weave of variegated color adds a dimensional layer to the tightly woven construction. This refined wallcovering is complete with a calming heathered texture and casual palette featuring shades of celadon, cobalt blue and soothing neutrals. Tahiti blends nature’s beauty with modern technique for an alluring hand-woven wallcovering. Horizontal strips of sustainably sourced banana bark are accented with metallic paint and woven with delicate threads to create a naturally tactile surface. Five glamorous neutrals join the original gunmetal colorway for a fresh palette.

From Zen inspired designs, to calming lines and neutral naturals, the wallcoverings in the Elemental collection cultivate a sense of tranquility and promote wellness within our interiors. Experience the Elemental Collection.




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